Study in the UK

British Education has always attracted high caliber students of different nationalities and backgrounds, and today builds on hundreds of years of experience in providing quality education to international students. To ensure that the quality is maintained, Britain has implemented unrivaled quality assurance and academic audit systems.

The university departments are obliged to meet stringent academic standards. The standards are high not just in teaching and learning but in other facilities such as libraries, computers, research equipment and so forth. British higher education provides value for money by offering shorter, more intensive courses than those available in many other countries, thereby reducing living expenses and time spent away from home. Closely supervised study in an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment, together with an emphasis on student welfare and close contact between staff and students also ensures that individual students get maximum support and, as a result, pass rates are high and the drop-out rate for international students is very low. Britain has long been a popular destination for Nepali students. With more than 150 institutes of higher education to choose from, all equipped with extensive facilities, Britain is able to offer a broad spectrum of subjects from the highly academic to the purely practical in anything from architecture to zoology.

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